Santana's Foundation

Santana’s Foundation is committed to spreading happiness by Sharing Equity Around The World.


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Note From The Founder

I started Santana’s Foundation to create an organization that could have helped me while I dealt with alcoholism and depression for almost a decade. Now that I’m healthy, I strive to show up for others and help them breakdown every obstacle that keeps them from living a fulfilling life.
Our Process

What We Do

Find A Cause

Our first step is to select a community with a common struggle that has a doable solution.

Run A Campaign

Next we setup campaign kits and a budget. We then spread the word on social media to find sponsors.

Feed the community

Once we hit our budget, we use the donations to ‘feed’ the community by providing tangible and intangible assets.


We will never get enough of helping others; hence, our charity activities will run on repeat for as long as we can.

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Our Event List

July 1 - Coffee with a cause campaign

From 8am We’ve traveled to Mexico to bring you all one of the best coffees from Cordoba. When you buy a bag from our shop page, you help someone out there with therapy.

March 22 - Drinking Water Campaign

From 8am Join in and help us provide water and create handmade water dispensers to families in Oaxaca, Mexico.

March 15 - Recovery Brunch

All Week This event was held to celebrate one of our team member’s 2 years of sobriety. We took this opportunity to also celebrate everyone in the world that’s going through the same struggle.