About Us

Who We Are

Santana’s Foundation works with local organizations and individuals to create sustainable futures through hyperlocal initiatives around agriculture, art & design, innovative education, & holistic wellness. Our programming, collaborations, and marketing strategies are centered around empowering and educating disenfranchised communities, and preserving historic neighborhoods.

Our Mission

Santana’s Foundation imagines a future where neighborhoods are equipped with every resource needed to be sustainable and successful. Our vision is to create a system of programs, activities, and product distribution that will give communities a way to uplift themselves through education, training, and economic empowerment. We are dedicated to seeing an increase in upward mobility for underserved areas across the United States.

Areas of Impact


  • Urban Farming
  • Food Security
  • Horticulture Education

Education Innovation

  • Self Efficacy
  • Technology Access
  • Curated History

Art & Design?

  • Art Activism
  • Sustainable Economies for Artists
  • Products with Purpose

Holistic Wellness

  • Mental Health Advocacy
  • Accessible Wellness Practices
  • Natural Living

Our Team

Brandon Anthony Executive Director
Chandler Stephens
Chandler Stephens Program Director
Hannah Siegmund
Hannah Siegmund Social Media Director
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee Social Media Coordinator