The pursuit of better is a life-long quest. It is a journey that has many discoveries and only ends when we cease to exist. 

Sounds profound doesn’t it?

I just made it up

It has taken me 30 something years to be able to find that frame of mind. 30 odd years to conceive a statement like that. Deante Hitchcock on the other hand sounds like he recognized that pursuit early. Leaving college to dedicate yourself to what you love takes not only moxie, it’s being driven by knowing that something better is out there with your name on it. His verses from the very beginning have always been laced with lines about throwing caution to the wind in the pursuit of better.

Whether it’s bettering yourself FOR yourself or simply being a better example to the younger generation or learning how to love your partner better. He has always managed to keep that pursuit in the forefront of his songs. So, naming his debut album “BETTER” seems like a no brainer. That title serves as the starting introduction to his mindset as an artist but also gives us insight to what he hopes to provide us as listeners with.